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4/11/21 - 16/12/21

Hadas Auerbach, (b.1988, Haifa), has a multi-disciplinary practice which includes painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics and curating. Hadas is interested in memories and copyrights of experiences of collective trauma, from the perspective of abuser and victim, and the dissonance of when they meet or merge; giving hints, stories and images, creating an aftertaste of repeated, generational patterns through human and animal behaviour.

Jade Ching-yuk Ng's (b.1992, Hong Kong) soft, intricate works emboss the fragility of a physical intimate relationship between herself and others. Jade is interested in quoting the essence of touch and separation at a moment in time. By exploring the possibilities of forms in painting, Jade conceives of her paintings as an assembly of her and others' body puzzles. Often revolving around personal travel experience, classical myth, alchemy, religious rituals and anatomy as references, Jade deconstructs their symbolism by attaching her own interpretation, and her symbols seem to depart from their literal connotations into an obscure and ambiguous fiction. The agency of framing becomes a gesture of embracing, defining actual and pictorial surrealistic space. Its theatricality encourages visitors to consider characters that are depicted in dialogue with themselves, whilst also considering the fine edge of collision in reality and imagination.

Michael Slusakowicz, (b.1980, Poland), works predominantly in painting, drawing and video. Specifically in painting, Michael produces work in sequential series. His work confronts us with a paranormal mystery in each painting. He wishes to capture the intimate moments of time, like the flicker of the candle lit flame. Michael’s supernatural figures and esoteric objects almost seem invisible from the choice of an analogous color palette, but with careful investigation one can reveal their embodied cognition. The imagery often penetrates the veiled side of contemporary society; it searches for the pure core of humanity with its dark and bright sides, its needs and desires, and its braveness and fears.

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