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(Unholy Bones)

10/05/21 - 30/05/21

Michael Slusakowicz works predominantly in painting, drawing and video. Specifically, in painting, Michael produces work in sequential series. His work confronts us with a paranormal mystery in each painting. He wishes to capture the intimate moments of time, like the flicker of the candle lit flame. Michael’s supernatural figures and esoteric objects almost seem invisible from the choice of an analogous colour palette, but with careful investigation one can reveal their embodied cognition. The imagery often penetrates a veiled side of contemporary society; it searches for the pure core of humanity with its dark and bright aspects, its needs and desires, and its braveness and fears. 


Slusakowicz’s latest collection of paintings, enigmatically called in Spanish “HUESOS IMPÍOS” further explores his continuous interest in colour and mood. Slusakowicz believes in the purity of creativity in the moment and follows it without a questioning. “Random images come to my mind in the process, that I can only describe as a channelling”. Through working in this way Slusakawicz taps into this subconscious dream world both familiar and removed from reality. These spontaneously composed paintings interact with each other through key, tonality, colour and repeated imagery, allowing the viewer to create their own interpretation and interwoven narrative. As a result, there becomes a lot of space for the viewer to insert their own histories and ideas when appreciating these works, leading to a more personal experience.

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