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Skimpy In Spirit

13/06/21 - 18/07/21

Seals, the smoothers of the sea, silky and cuddly, acrobats where gravity is less of a thing- underwater magic flappety flab bullets. Splash - in they go, fast and nimble, sliding and diving, in the dance of a hunt. Omega3 and salts make beautiful fur, and they know it and want it. Be it a fish, penguin or a fellow seal, the outcome sanctifies the deeds. They devour the fat and go out to sleep. But you - don’t be fooled by the puppy eyes, the seal is no relative of the dog,  genetically they are much more of a skunk. 

Anacondas used to have hands and legs, before they tempted her to eat the fruit and got punished and banished and their hands and legs got choppiti-chopped. But it’s fine, they don’t need them. They don’t need venom either. So frugal with their needs. Almost a gentle giant, but not so gentle. Gliding in the water with their eyes poking out, looking for a victim that doesn’t look at them, to be - not so gentle with.

Hyenas don’t need favours, they are on top. The master hustler’s clan, working together to run their territory. They are many, and strong, oh so strong. Their jaw is a guillotine, standing on top of a neck-shoulder pedestal of rock. Cackling and scheming, they are not fussy, if it’s useful they want it, if they want it, its theirs. No use for arguing, the noise will just attract more of them, and  they will just want more of whatever you have. Play by their rules and adore them, it’s better for all, cos they are not laughing with you, you are the joke. 

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